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I’m Justin DeBlois, a UX designer based in San Diego intentionally solving problems and bringing experiences to life with movement and consistency.

Case studies

A User-Focused Strategy to Deliver a Knockout Web Experience

Spanning across 5 months, I led the design overhaul of The BXNG Club’s existing website experience, working with our developers and project managers to harmonize with its high-quality in-person services.

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Crafting the COVID-19 App Tracker For Discovery and Impact

On this project, I worked as the UI designer and front-end developer focusing on how users discovered COVID-19 applications and determining what information was displayed and how it was displayed.

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Empowering High-Risk Persona Access with Relaunch

As an Internews’ UX Designer, I spearheaded the design and relaunch of involving reimagining user experience, cross-functional collaboration, and integrating key user insights.

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Hi I’m Justin DeBlois. I am a San Diego-based UX Designer.

My design philosophy is that you can’t ask too many questions and no one knows everything. These two points have propelled me in my design career and have led me to product design due to my curious nature and desire to solve complex problems.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh! (and now Pokémon) with my fiancé and wrangling my two cats Amy and Alex. 🙀😼

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