So you found out that you need a designer. Now all you need is to find the right one. Easy, right?


You would think that since the internet came about this task would be simpler. Well in many ways it is. A Google search can get you to several designer websites but this is where Google becomes a double-edged sword. There aren’t just one or two results for designers, there are billions (4,890,000,000 to be exact), and all of which practice various types of designs and have differing styles. I am writing this so that you can learn how to use Google to sift through the piles of designers and find a designer that suits your specific needs.


Before we even touch our computers, laptops or cellphones, we need to know what exactly we need done, or at least a direction you want to go. This is easier said than done for most people. So I have a couple of questions that will help you identify your problem or direction.

How much do you have to spend on a designer?

This doesn’t sound like it will be of much help finding out your problem but it will make the process of getting a designer more real. Say if a designer typically charges between $500 to $1000 for creating a logo and you have a $2000 budget, you need to then account for how much of your remaining budget will be used for other design services. Money is a sensitive subject for a lot of people, so if you keep this in mind from the beginning it won’t be a surprise later.

How did you discover that there was an issue or need to involve a designer?

This is very important because it could have the potential of informing a lot of the designer’s decisions. Discovering the origin of your needs also helps you as a business owner because it might allude to a much larger unforeseen issue that is occurring.

Can your issue be measured in some way?

Making informed decisions nowadays is a must when starting or maintaining a business and is difficult or almost impossible if there isn’t a way to accurately measure and document aspects of your business. If you notice that people aren’t coming into your establishment, it might not be because no one finds your product or service valuable, it might be because they can’t find it in the first place. But just noticing isn’t enough; to make an informed decision you have to find a way to measure and test data you collect. In the above situation, you would need to develop a system of measurement to document those passing by and those entering. After, you must test by changing one thing in hopes that it will lead to more people to your business, but again you must document the changes and the results to gain any real knowledge or insight. This will get you in the mindset for what should be done and what shouldn’t.

These questions (when answered) will not only help you find a designer but they will also help you understand what needs improvement at your business.

In part 2, we will move to the computer and discuss how to use Google to find your future designer.

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