A Landing Page Revamp


Basic Bread is a bakery that strives to get more people eating fresh and minimal ingredient bread. Recently, they have implemented a subscription-based service for their customers to order bread online. However, they have noticed that there aren’t as many online subscriptions as there are in-person.

Basic Bread wanted to find a way to get more customers ordering via their website to minimize the time spent signing up in the bakery.


  1. Research (website layout & analytics)
  2. Document
  3. Ideate 
  4. Determine Measurable Metrics
  5. Sketch & Prototype (low-fi)
  6. Test & Iterate
  7. Learn
  8. Prototype (high-fi)
  9. Setup Split Testing Environment
  10. Test & Iterate
  11. Deliver & Support Implementation

My Task:

  • Design a landing page for increased conversion rate optimization (CRO) of Basic Bread’s subscription service
  • Get more customers who sign-up in the bakery to sign-up online


What I needed to do was take a good look at the current website landing page. What was working? What wasn’t? Could someone get to the subscriptions page with no problem?


How Might We…


a less frustrating process


customers at Basic Bread


subscribe to their online bread service

And Improve…

their experience on Basic Bread’s website landing page.


  • Minimize interactions on the landing page
  • Create a sense of hierarchy with Call-To-Action’s
  • Decrease the amount of time customers spend subscribing to Basic Bread
  • Stay on brand and ensure efficiency



Flow Diagrams


Brand guide (for future implementations & iterations)