A Loyalty Rewards Mobile Application


Improving the overall experience and expanding their customer base was the main goal of Cortado, a small coffee shop that values their product and customer experience.

A better system was needed to track points received from the Cortado Loyalty Rewards program; the punch card system that was in place lacked the versatile qualities of their new program. Speeding up the process was also on the menu so that lines in the cafe wouldn’t be too long while checking out.


  1. Research & Initial Feedback
  2. Document
  3. Ideate
  4. Determine Measurable Metrics
  5. Sketch & Prototype (low-fidelity)
  6. Test & Iterate
  7. Learn
  8. Test & Iterate
  9. Create high-fidelity prototypes
  10. Test & Iterate
  11. Rollout first implementation

My Task:

  • Design a loyalty reward tracker application
  • Improve customer experience of loyalty rewards program
  • Utilize a user centered design approach to create an application that addresses the customers pain points


I needed to understand who came to this coffee shop and why. What made it better? Would an application solve the problems of a punch card? 


How Might We…


a better system to track loyalty points and provide longevity


customers at Cortado

To Improve…

the interactions between the customer and the loyalty rewards program.


  • Create an intuitive application that completes a simple action.
  • Avoid complexity & scope creep
  • Make the process efficient
  • Make it scalable and brandable



Interaction Flows

Use Cases