Muscle building food subscription onboarding experience for Brawn Chef.

Role: UX Designer 

Tools: Figma 

Year: 2022

The problem

Gym enthusiasts and beginner enthusiasts find onboarding experiences for their food subscriptions to be lacking in customizability and bespoke recipe outputs for what they are paying. This is a problem because if the user doesn’t complete the onboarding process and doesn’t feel like they’re getting a custom experience, they won’t sign up for the food subscription service.

Defining goals

Design an onboarding experience that allows users to input enough of their stats to create a list of tailored recipes based on those stats and their goals. The main objective is to strike a balance of questions to make their recipes unique to that user’s stats and information.


Brawn Chef is a muscle-building food subscription service similar to Blue Apron and Hello Fresh that needed an updated onboarding experience that feels impactful to the recipes generated for users.

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